drag me to hell. please.


i’m in a limbo and i don’t like things half baked. i prefer going to the extreme end, be it heaven or hell. in this case, hell is more likely to happen. 

two weeks into my new job, i found out that the role of tutor from hell suits me perfectly. i manage to disinterest my students from anything i wish to bestow upon them. try linking something fun like football and movie into lessons. silence. try adding new materials into class. no response. i receive more reaction from my wall. 

ok, i fail big time as a tutor. huge. i am simply out of my wit as to how to bring them to class, attention-wise. and i also blame them. yes them. i think it’s 50-50 assignment. my dear students, you gotta work with me!  it’s like dragging a dead elephant uphill. i don’t know why they act as if the school begs them to study. 

not only these regal students i have to deal with, the holier-than-thou full-time teachers are really something. you don’t need a time machine to go back to feudalism. simply step inside this academic institute and you are right in it. i now work in a hierarchy environment where full-time teachers live in mt. olympus and part-time ones, slum of mumbai. swell :-))  i don’t even have a desk, go figure!

apart from professional failure, my personal life is equally frustrating. my mother starts to make less and less sense these days. everything she says upsets me and i’m upset for being upset by her. my father is very good at making the matter worse. i end up running out of there as fast as i set my foot in. oh! home sweet home. 

one silver lining, i get to lunch with sasha once a week. she manages to find time and meet me near school. that’s so sweet of her. i try to minimize the whining session when we meet for i don’t wanna scare my only friend away.

image from alexander mcqueen fall 09

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