the really last game of the season – the fa cup


finally we are lucky enough that the networks, not just one but two, decide to buy the license and broadcast the fa cup for our viewing pleasure. yeh! one more kudo to the cable one to start broadcast an hour earlier so that we can witness the beautiful pre-game rituals. very good indeed. 

it’s quite pleasant to see mr. kofi annan as the chief guest (as the commentator called him) in the fa cup. not the guest i’d expect to see at a football match. i look up to him highly. too bad i didn’t work at u.n. during his time as secretary general. who knows he’s a football fan 🙂  he is, right?

back to the pitch, i’m saying this without any bias but chelsea looks heinous in yellow jersey. yellow is rarely my favorite color (not because chelsea wearing it). toffeemen are blue as ever. so they are the home team then.

the interesting thing about this contest, everton scored since the 1st minute of the game. don’t you find that interesting? maybe chelsea is too confident to play defense? things might not be too set in stone as football columnists had predicted. look at champion leagues, for example, man utd seemed to have an upper hand for barça lacked the regular guys in defense. see who brought the big-eared trophy home. 

yes, i’m mentioning this out of spite for those devils. he he he

the game is tied now and i’m rooting for everton. you don’t expect me to cheer for chelsea, do you? 

it’s game over now.  chelsea pays homage to their respectable manager by winning a trophy for him. guus hiddink is (another) special one, no arguments there. 

though no trophy in merseyside this season, both reds and toffeemen were doing so well. they have such amazing and memorable season. the reds were so close and outdid themselves. everton finished 5th. good job guys. very well-done. 

come back stronger next season you both. i’m rooting for you. yes, you too, everton. you are our rival/cousin. can’t live with you, can’t live without you. 

football season is over. gossip girl is over. what should i do with the tv set during the tv downtime? any suggestions? 

chelsea lift the trophy. and english football is officially closed of business. 

thank you for the season full of drama, entertainment, and pure spirit. see you again in august.

image from the guardian


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