dramatic curtain down – premier league style

10 games at 10 stadiums at the same time, that’s grande finale from the premier league. quite dramatic indeed. 

we kopites say goodbye to sami hyypia while the league bid farewell to west brom, boro, and newcastle. 

isn’t it very congruous that potentially relegating teams all equally take the beating from their opponents. the scores suggest that they play like the heart doesn’t belong there anymore. i didn’t see the games (too many, my remote can’t keep up). looked like hull had to hold their breath before knowing newcastle’s situation. hull is saved for the season. good luck and be stronger next season, i’m rooting for you! 

wanna say sorry to mr. mark, our prime minister, for he is newcastle’s fan. i wouldn’t worry though. something tells me the toons will come back to premier league even sooner than we know. 

so the curtain is down now, premier league fans. me as a tv bug, gossip girl’s 2nd season is already over all well. what do you suggest i use my tv for this summer? any good book you’d like to suggest? 

bow out with a memorable picture from rawk, brings tear to my eyes. 



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