till the next season. thank you liverpool

there are 10 matches on today. there aren’t enough channels for cable company to broadcast them. not that i have enough eyes to watch.

a wild guess prediction; west brom goes down – that we know. its companions – according to my lack of uninformed football strategy hunch – is going to be boro, and … newscastle. ouch!

man utd. will be full team of rising stars but that doesn’t mean hull has an easy task. easier maybe but i think those new faces will bring their ‘a’ game. the hunger to play the game of their life should be equal, or more for hull because their major-league life depends on it. if hull can’t save themselves from this young apprentice, they belong to the minor league anyway. 

villa is probably in a lesser charity mood than man utd, i suppose. as much as i secretly root for the toon, they won’t survive. it’s way too tough to fight both outside and inside battles. maybe being in the championship league will do them some good; lesser amount of pressure, time to sort the mess out. they will come back the following season i’m sure.

how would you feel if you were robbie keane coming back to anfield? would it give you extra motivation to beat liverpool or is it too traumatized to score a goal? this should be interesting because they beat us in their home game. now it’s time for salvation. 

this season, we realize the newfound hope for the team. whatever goal we aim for, we are capable to make it happen. there were times that i had doubts. now i know, i am liverpool for life. 

it’s also sad to say goodbye to sami. we are a better team because of you. thank you for everything. once a red, always a red.


looking forward to meet the liverpool squad on july 22. you’ll never walk alone.

image from rawk

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