what’s in the mind of a shopaholic


in this case, the subject of the study is me. 

it’s starting off with a worry. a constant and continuing concern of how you’re gonna pay outstanding bills without any incoming income. 

house is too hot to stay. gotta leave home. a mall is an easy destination; nearby, possibly seeing a movie. it should be ok. 

you browsed around, trying to take your mind of things, walking past shoe department and bam! fell into the black, bottomless hole of money sucking sphere. 

then one thing led to another, i failed to distinguish right from wrong anymore. and i got there too deep. 

by the time i left, i was already drowned to my ears with debts. 

i like all those stuff i bought. they were of good price. it’s not exactly buyer’s remorse (or is it?)  i found them with such good price at boots, instead of watsons. how often does it happen when merchandises in boots are cheaper than in watsons? 

the big problem remains; how am i gonna pay for these? 

and my life as a poor, financially and spiritually, continues.


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