you are miserable but don’t drag me down with you

witchyes, janine is a witch


misery loves the company. she isn’t content with her life and she feels the need to drag me down with her. 

i think that when she hurts me with her cruel and sneering words, she feels much much better. 

that’s the only explanation i can think of when she is mean to me for no reason. 

janine is my cousin by marriage. we weren’t close at first since she travelled a lot. she used to work as air hostess. after a while she had a baby and became a stay-home mom. we had more chance to see each other more and our friendship developed. 

then my cousin cheated on her. that’s not the worst part. my aunt had no sympathy on her for she didn’t (still doesn’t) think janine was good enough for him. that’s the start of her misery. and the person staying near her and becoming a casualty is me. 

she starts ranting about her difficult life, how she gave up many things to marry my cousin for she had many richer suitors. in the end, my cousin broke it off with his girlfriend. things should be back to normal, right? 

nope. i think she still has a lot of resentment. and guess what, more often than not, she will turn around and bite my head off, disparaging me for having easier life than her. 

today, for example, i asked if her new house was done. in stead of just giving me a simple yes or no, she began complaining about her husband having to work hard to afford new house. out of the blue, she snapped at me for already having a home to stay. that was just ludicrous. why would she be mad about this? her husband and she are building a family together. that should be a good thing, right? is she jealous that my parents give me a place to stay? why? i’m unemployed right now and very much struggling. she’s married and moving in a new house. gosh, what’s her problem? 

i don’t want to stop being friend with her. i can’t afford to lose another friend every time she’s bitchy to me or i’ll have none left. however, i don’t wanna be her emotional punchbag. she’s usually a good person but can turn into monster and verbally slash me without me seeing it coming. 

sometimes, very often now, i wish my cousin cheated on her again, or better left her. if she likes making me feel miserable so much, then she should have misery as a companion for the rest of her life. 

lovely illustration from michelle smith’s art gallery


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