newer generation, lower consideration


i was talking to my friends the other day. the conversation took a u-turn to the topic, what’s with the younger generation. 

i belong to the young generation – the out-of-college working young generation. we are not much older than this younger generation, yet we seem lost at how their brains operate. 

i worked with a younger-generation person in my previous job. she didn’t have any work experience but appeared very arrogant. she didn’t come to me for any advice and even ignored it when offered. the output of the work turned out to be more than mediocre, so much that my supervisor asked me to step in and clean up the mess. 

a friend of mine works with college students as an advisor. she tries to guide them through all transitions required to adjust when studying abroad. in stead of listening to her, they let “fun” lead the way,

 end up broke, and fail to get admission to university. 

what’s with this younger generation? where does this attitude come from? what makes them arrogant and stupid to the extreme? 

i know that making mistakes is a process of growing up. but to make a mistake simply because of laziness and aversion to hard work is suicidal. needless to say, these people will not go far. 

doing things the easy way is like building a skyscraper w/o solid foundation. how long does it take before tumbling down?

i don’t care about them. i don’t want anything to do with them. unfortunately, our paths cross and their bad attitude never ceases to annoy and bother me. 

to be fair, the older generation might not be too pleased about mine. the difference is that my generation has been taught to work hard and be ashamed to achieve anything by cheating, stealing, and lying. i can’t say the same for this younger generation. 

my irritation, to use the terms loosely, is increasing while my patience is running thin. 

image from max z


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