eventful day

yosemite-tree-with-mossy-branchesimage from here

happy cinco de mayo everyone 🙂

today is also a national holiday in my country: the coronation day. it’s the day his majesty the king ascended the throne. 

i thought today was gonna be a quiet day as usual. everybody’s out shopping and leave me home alone. i’m ok with it really. having the whole house to myself isn’t as lonely as i thought. i spend some times talking on the phone with friends. 

then i heard something downstairs. oh oh! scared as i was, i went downstairs to see what happened. a cell phone in one hand – to call the police if i needed to- broom in the other. i didn’t see anyone outside but the noises persisted. i decided to open the door and stepped outside. turned out my neighbor was cutting down a big branch near my wall. 

then the said big branch fell into my property, breaking 3 of my unsuspecting plants in half!

my eventful day has just begun. 

i try not to freak out about this incident but i’m upset. not because i’m a tree hugger but because my father puts a lot of work for his garden. he’s gonna be sad when returning home from his trip to find his botanical love interest falling apart. 

i’m sad because i know he will be sad.

thing got better a bit when i received a phone call. there’s a job potential for me. not in the field i had planned but i’m intrigued in exploring a new thing. fingers crossed!

i haven’t talked about liverpool for times. i was too depressed. but now my mood picked up a little. let’s reminisce about what went down at liverpool vs. newcastle match. something was so wrong there in so many levels. it’s not the match. it’s that s.o.b. i hate to devote my energy to write about that person but i need to shout it out loud. that newcastle scum bag doesn’t deserve to be in this prestigious premier league. 

it’s quite a privilege to play in a very top league in the world. some people just don’t appreciate the opportunity that was bestowed upon them. it requires a special quality of a person to be and remain in this club. that guy treats it like it doesn’t matter. 

lots and lots of kids around the world would kill for a chance just to play in a celebrated field. what i don’t understand is why chances are given time and again to him, especially when he deserves none of them. 

shearer, kick him out of the league!


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