what the inferno was that


we need the divine intervention for this divine comedy, which is what last night game was; going down inferno, rising to paradiso, and landing on purgatorio. the roller coaster of emotion. it was fun to watch as a soccer fan. it was frustrating to witness as a kop. 

i don’t get it. i will not get it for another million years. pound per pound, we are a better team. better than chelsea. better than arsenal. 

why on the middle earth did we not beat them? why. why. why. 

it’s good to see we scored a lot. but don’t overlook the fact that we conceded a lot as well. does scoring have to come at the expense of defense? is that the way it has to be, rafa? 

our defense was like arshavin’s walk in the park. and torres, dear torres, i love you to death but you have to score more. 1 goal or two a game is no longer enough. 

we need to win or it goes without saying that we come home empty. not just simply empty-handed. empty heart. 

and that guy. i knew since the euro 08 that i don’t like him. now he stomped upon our sacred ground and made a comedy out of it. 4 times. 

i am so mad at my beloved team right now. i’ll support liverpool till i go six feet under but the desire to smack them in the head surfaces quite frequently these days. 

c’mon, we have to win this thing. if not, what is left of us?

image from the mirror


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