liverpool the winner


am i out of my mind? 

despite the result, our liverpool is the winner. 

no, i’m not in denial, either. 

how many times have you witnessed such bravery, fearlessness, and relentlessness. how many times did our mighty reds dust themselves off and keep trying without any signs of discouragement.

how many times have they shown us, supporters around the world, that this squad was made with the heart of gold. 

we came into this game with hardship atlas has when the world is on his shoulder. being down 1-3 is a mission impossible to carry out. we needed a miracle to rescue us. 

but that’s not who we are. miracle has nothing to do with it. we are the team built of talents, skills, and determination. 

the night was the testament of those qualities. they were the 90 minutes of renewed hope. of impossible dream. 

that dream, however, bid farewell in the end. the lady luck was done with us and decided to switch team. not that we needed her anyway. or did we.

it was the 1st time i understood why some people turn off the tele or walk out of the stadium before the game ends. an imaginary crow ripped our heart out and tossed it to its ogre friend who stomped upon it joyfully like some dancing game. 

when you test a boat, you don’t launch it in a calm sea. instead, you throw it to the stormy, cruel water. a good boat strides no matter how big the waves. we are the good boat. we stride with our head held high. even when we are drowning to the ears, we keep swimming for the shore though none is in sight. we had done that the whole 90 minutes. we never give up. 

our traveling kopites fought as hard as our 11 guys in the field. though outnumbered, you’ll never walk alone pushed its decibel through the thickness of noises and voices behind the enemy line and traveled to our grateful ears around the world. you are the inspiration to our mighty reds. i bow to you. 

football match is all about the end result. this one is no exception. but don’t we cry. never before the defeat felt this blissful. our strength and spirit will fill the void and heal the pain in our heart. our mighty reds have proved to every and any football club on the planet that our soul is invincible. though the heart is broken, we are not breaking. 

we are the winner. 

as the 2oth anniversary of hillsborough, i pray for the families who lost their loved ones in that tragedy. 

image from red and white kop liverpool forum


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