happy songkran day

claude monet's irises. painting at musée d'orsay

claude monet's irises. painting exhibited at musée d'orsay


it’s the traditional new year today. happy new year to all 🙂

the weather is blazingly hot this side of the globe. that’s what makes the splash day so fun. if you’re brave enough to walk down the street today, the reward is you will be splashed 🙂 that’s guaranteed. our way to bring the temperature down a notch. 

i liked splashing as a kid. now, however, i don’t look nice dripping from head to toe though still enjoy it. did i mention it’s national 3-day holiday? that’s why i like it so much. happy time. 

speaking of happy time, didn’t liverpool do excellent last saturday? happy indeed. i thought we would end the game at 2-0 but our mighty reds loved to spring surprise to the supporters. 4-0 is more than i asked for 🙂

since i’m home to avoid being splashed, i’m stuck with my annoying neighbors blasting stupid music all over the block. good thing is it’s only once a year. 

so i hope you have a good year ahead of you. wish i had a better year too.

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