my head and heart as it happens

rafa, take us there!rafa, take us there!

you’ll never walk alone buries all other noises at anfield. our captain fantastic looks solemn and focused. 

the kick off begins.

dear gerrard, i want to see the camera kissing again. because that means you are scoring.

go fight win!

i can’t say enough and i’m not tired of saying it. i love torres. GOAL!

oh no. the away goal. i can’t believe what just happened. where’s mache?

so crestfallen. the fans are singing strong. what loyal fans we have!

come back and bury chelsea in the 2nd half, mighty reds!

come on guys! we can win this. 

and i don’t like john terry. i don’t agree that he deserves to be national team caption. 

drogba, 3rd time isn’t a charm for you sir. good defense carra.

i don’t like terry but why is he given yellow card? 

no no no no no. this is ridiculous. what’s going on with our defense? 2nd away goal. shite. rafa, do something!

we are being slaughtered. it’s too much to take right now. anyone got a rope. i wanna hang myself. even that doesn’t feel as painful. 

we dig ourselves the hole that seems too deep to climb out. what happens us after torres goal? 

will we win anything this season? i’m sorry to doubt you, liverpool. but i can’t be very optimistic at this time.

who are those guys in red jersey? they look like liverpool but they don’t play like liverpool. are we sleep deprived? undernourished? why does it seem that no one can focus and play their level? 

we might not win premier league. i can make peace with that though i don’t want to. losing to chelsea at this stage is unacceptable. champions league is our birthright. it’s our pride. we need another istanbul. 

none act like themselves tonight. it’s awfully wrong. wrong. wrong.

where can i buy poison strong enough to take the pain away from this bleeding heart


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