not of a shopaholic

but of a terrible friend

i recently realized what a selfish friend i had been. so absorbed in my world that i ignored my good friends who have always been there for me. 

this thought troubles me deeply. 

all i did when i was with them was bitching and whining about my unfulfilling life. so much that i failed to recognize what was going on in theirs. 

i made mistakes by taking them for granted. by talking without thinking. by filling their ears with my mistakenly end-of-the-world misery. 

my problems are huge, only to me. not to them. piling them with my disappointments in my life doesn’t make me any happier. 

my life isn’t going the way i wish. it’s about time i change it. but not by constantly complaining to anyone. 

i promise to be a better friend. 

that’s my 2nd quarter of the year resolution. 


image by Kasha Harmer via Sarah Kaye


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