liverpool, you are too kind

oh happy day lull lull la…

this is greater than expectation

is it true that fernando torres is the 1st redman in 5 years, under rafa, to score at theater of dream? 

fernando torres is sent from heaven. 


our skipper is the best in the world

i totally love it when he kissed the camera hahaha! what a celebration! 


and aurelio, omigosh what can i say about aurelio! he did such a terrific job stifling c.ronaldo. and that free kick OMIGOSH! how did he do that! AWESOME MAN!

pepe is top class. hands down. 

the last goal from dossena is beyond the wildest dream. all van der sar can do is to look on. it’s so out of this world that i was on the floor laughing. 

take note: season 2008/09 is when liverpool beat man utd BOTH home and away. 

mighty reds rule

you’ll never walk alone

i think i’m dreaming, with my eyes open


photo credit: torres from guardian, gerrard kissing camera from liverpool forum


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