shall we say “fabuloso”

awesome night. amazing goals. and we are in for the long haul. 

i didn’t expect it to be this easy-breezy. it was clear from the line-up that rafa went for the kill. the 1st two goals set the tone for the rest of the game so nicely. is it true, as i heard it from somewhere, that torres had never scored against casillas in la liga? but he did it here, at anfield. yeh!

gotta admit the 2nd goal was questionable. doesn’t that handball fall into ‘ball to shoulder’ category? it’s not like that guy reached out to touch the ball. well. anyway.

heinze was quite a b****** all 1st half. 

our captain fantastic was forever phenomenal!

it’s interesting to see rafa having faith in lucas. having seen him coming from the bench many times, i still wait to see if he’s up for the challenge. 

then who would expect the last goal of the night came from dossena. aren’t we full of surprises? 

casillas must be the busiest goalkeeper of the night, excluding the one from that team, which was crushed by bayern. 

i put this picture here, not to rub it in casillas. but it was such a terrific shot. credit to the guardian

ynwa and torres songs reverberated across anfield all thru the night. i wish to be there to hear it with my own ears. 

liverpool-v-real-madrid-i-013awesome liverpool!


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