bad game happens

i instantly knew that we were in deep trouble when an own-goal occurred. no. i don’t blame alonso. i put the fault on rafa. not for the own goal of course. but for losing. 

because i can’t understand one bit how we lost to a team like middlesbrough. no disrespect to them. more like disappointment to us. players have to share the responsibility but the way that we lost, and the players didn’t slack off, the “scapegoat” is rafa. maybe not the scapegoat. it’s rafa.

our defense is wrong. so wrong. i don’t know what went wrong but it was extremely wrong. the 2nd goal shouldn’t have had happened but it did. our full back was wrong. 

i think kuyt could have played better but he has been put in the assisting position for way too long. we had a good striker but turned him into winger or something like that. the result, we have no sharp shooter when we need one. 

i still blame rafa.

the 2-0 defeat is way too much. 

keep playing like this and we will get our butt kicked so embarrassingly on march 14. 


good bye premier league title. we even fell from 2nd grace.

image from dailymail


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