faith restored

dear liverpool, 

after what you did last night, all is forgiven. the fear and doubts that you put in our hearts in the past weeks are now erased. our morale boosted. our faith restored.

dear torres, 

how could i not love thee when all thou did was to bring joy to my bleeding heart? i was so over the moon when you scored the 1st goal, and out of the universe when you scored 2nd to seal our victory. so totally agreed when the commentator said “the magic of fernando torres returned to merseyside” the torres song was deafening even from tv.

i have to admit, my hope of seeing liverpool winning at anfield before yesterday was as high as rain level in somalia. the day we won big seemed like a distant past. it had been a while since i last screamed of joy in front of the picture-transmitting machine. now vigor flows back to my blood stream.

with that being said, i totally disagreed with lampard’s red card. as much as i despise the guy, he didn’t deserve a card, whatever color it may be. 

sorry is the feeling i have for robbie keane. he genuinely did try. and he deserves better. he should be in the place where he stars. good luck keane. 

naive i am not. fully aware that disappointment lays dormant ahead of us. unrealistic it is to wish that we won’t drop any points in the future. we will ‘coz we are only human. but i’ll keep believing as long as you keep winning. deal?

i cannot not talk about nadal. let’s switch sports for a second here. am not much of a tennis fan but gotta give it to nadal, not only for his unrivaled skills, but also for being such a gentleman. what he said to fed-ex was such class. the guy is exceptional! 

what else’s going on in sports world? superbowl anyone? not a fan either but congrats to pittsburgh steelers for winning. again. 

as for now, i keep my fingers crossed and hope good things will keep pouring in.


image from news of the world

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