how far can one man carry the team?

watching football is my viewing pleasure. i’ll be lying if say i only care bout the game. hello! some footballers are real eye candy. i’m only human!

with that being said, it’s obvious that my football knowledge is minimal. i don’t know the pros & cons of 4-4-2 or 5-3-2-1 or 5-6-7-8 whatever. that’s why i am baffled as to what is happening with my beloved liverpool right now. 

it’s easy to find scapegoats and it seems there’s plenty of them. the boss usually is the 1st to blame for anything that goes wrong with the team. is the blood (of kopites’ bleeding hearts) on rafa’s hand? what was leiva doing there? should keane be given more chances to prove himself? would the game have been better with xabi in it? 

too many questions. too scarce solutions. 

gerrard is our go-to guy. that’s true. but how far can we go putting all the weight on our atlas’ shoulder? the only team flourishes sans striker is everton. we can’t be like them. our strikers need to score. a lot. fast.  

i await this coming highly anticipated game on sunday with dry enthusiasm. chelsea is on the rise. we are on the low. anfield no longer feels like the battle field where other clubs fear to tread. i dread to imagine the result. 

some say that faith is believing without any proof. i believe that liverpool can win the premier league. i have never seen proof so far in my time. faith gets weaker as each match goes by.

can you love the team but don’t wanna support them anymore? how do fans of a non-big-4 club feel? are they content with the way things are without expectation of winning a premier league title? is it less heartache that way? 

if for some stupid force of nature we don’t have the trophy this season, i shall cross the street and pledge my allegiance to everton. 

that’s how hurtful a (potentially-ex) kop feels. 


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