liverpool, we have a problem

this is not overreacting. this is not melodramatic. we surely are deeply in trouble. 

rafa – do something about it. por favor.

the rank is slipping down right before our eyes. not quietly. not slowly. we’re falling on our derrière faster than saving interest rate. we didn’t lose but we didn’t win either. and that really is a shame. 

isn’t it written in some book that not going forward equals going backward? that is what we are doing, the state we are in. we are going backward by dropping points while our rivals manage to sweep theirs. 

this is frustrating. 

i hate to be pessimistic but it does feel like trophy looks more hazy and seems farer by every match. now it becomes pointless to reminisce about our brief glorious time being at top of the table, when we keep on falling and falling. and obviously not falling in love. 

it feels like looking at candy, inches away from your reach, being swooped away. the worse is you can do nothing about it. 

that kind of feeling sucks. big

image from here

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