how does a nation’s leader look?

the world has their eyes on inauguration today. it’s such big event and receives much attention from every corner of the planet earth. i’m glad we have cnn/hbo/bbc … via cable here to keep abreast of what goes on the opposite side of the globe. 

another aspect of inauguration that causes high anticipation is mrs. obama’s dress. media have been speculating and buzzing which designers will be honored to make her dress. i try to search for info but that piece of intel is securely sit under the lid. that must be one of the best kept secret in the world, next to nuclear launch code. 

i will avert my attention to other nation briefly but remain dress-focused 🙂 michelle obama won’t be the only best-dressed leading lady in the modern world. yulia tymoshenko, the ukrainian premier, also belongs to the cool closet club. 

i love the braid across the head, her doll dress, and her youthful look. never imagined a leader of a nation will look like this. 

being an iron woman doesn’t mean you have to dress like a boy. girl power!

just my imagination but didn’t vladimier putin look smitten hahaha. oops i hope kgb won’t put me in jail for that. in case they did, do you think the dark cold russian dungeon is wifi installed? 

image from various sources via google image search

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