go nash!

i have been following, if not obsessing over, football matches a lot lately. in fact, not quite lately. it started since last season when fernando torres arrived at liverpool. i have always been a liverpool fan but not quite active before el niño’s debut. that goes without saying that i love the guy.

that concentration takes me away from my other interest, sport-wise. a few years back, i watched basketball games attentively to the points that i skipped work to watch the finals. not once, not twice. if my memory serves right, i think it was 3 seasons in a row. i don’t really have a favorite team. i don’t loyally support any team the way i root for liverpool but sure am a big fan of steve nash, hence this blog. 

with my attention divided, i never blog about hoops game before but this piece of stats is blog-worthy. nash has season-high of 18 assists. that’s a LOT! and suns beat the raptors in the process. way to go!

looking forward to watching him play at all-star game in phoenix. i already voted for him 🙂


image from here


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