merseyside derby and threat to the top rank

man utd has prominently became thorn on the side. that devil has, under the radar, crept to the higher place in the table. it has been annoying, or boring, if not worrisome. gosh! i hate them. 

chances are man utd should be able to beat bolton without much sweat. this notion sucks, i know, especially when the result will impact liverpool greatly. our glorious rank since before, during, and right after new year might be dethroned. 

the match against our cousin from across the street is not a sure bet. everton has been doing so well lately despite the lack of striker. i have to say that is pretty amazing. we has done well without striker only in this season, when we are in the zone. that was not the case last season or the season before that. shortage of strikers usually throws a club off but obviously not everton. 

we seem to have trouble with smaller clubs like hull or stoke. i hope/expect/wish we don’t fall into that purgatory with everton. i hope. i pray. i beg. 

other than that, they should be such fun matches on both 19 and 25 january. 

it will also be good to see them in red. green is so not their color, don’t you agree? 


image from news of the world


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