test of faith for liverpool’s fans

less than 30 minutes before the man utd – chelsea match starts. any results other than a draw will have an impact on liverpool’s title race. 

the course of true love never did run smooth. mr. shakespeare wrote than in midsummer night’s dream. nor did the path to the championship trophy.

that we could beat both man utd & chelsea earlier in the season but somehow fails to kick smaller ones’s derrieres escapes my comprehension. i don’t wanna complain about form or anything. i don’t care when we play not beautifully but i do care extremely when points are dropped. points that are righteously ours manage to skid away.

where has man utd come from? they started off poorly then crawled back to top under the radar. if they won this coming match, liverpool would feel so much pressure. much more than if chelsea won. well.. at least that’s how i feel. 

i have faith in liverpool that we can and will win the championship tittle this season. despite the hiccups, we can. these obstacles are tests of our faith in them. 

10 minutes to go. pins and doll are ready. when i can’t have it my usual way, voodoo sure offers some comfort.


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