this is why our education has sucked

i have come to the realization when the reality hit me point blank in the face, so hard that my jaw dropped, left me looking like a dumb*ss. total dumb*ss. 

this is why the quality of our education sinks faster than a rock falling into a chasm. our kids read like 7 lines a year. a freaking total year and only 7 lines. headlines on the front page of a newspaper contain more lines than that. our universities never are on top rank. that spot has been awarded elsewhere in the continent for decades. as of today, i am not surprised. 

i don’t know who to blame nor can i pinpoint the root of this evil. but surely education in university, at least where i am, contributes no help at all. not at all. and the university i’m talking about is the oldest and the most prestigious in the country.

for quite some time, i had been proud to be in this university. i learned a lot and grew as a person. it is stupid to think that the same applies to others, even when we share the same academic institute. maybe that cultivation exists only in my college.

i was admonished for being too strict when grading mid term papers. right, too strict. the result of my doing is that more than half of our so-called “future of the nation” flung the test. i was told to give more points so that the students wouldn’t  fail, so that the average score looked good, so that it reflected well on the tutors.

i really wanted to tell her to  **** ***. too bad, seniority is something sacred around here. plus i didn’t wanna be sacked this soon. 

other than extremely fumed, i am somehow saddened. now i know, and you do too, that those stepping out of this glorious fence with an a in english are in fact profoundly english-deficit. they won’t be able to communicate well, if at all, in english, nor be knowledgeable enough to do anything in english. the bar is so low that you can’t see the bottom.

in the era that english is almost a universal language, our next generation is absolutely not equipped with that tool to have any competitive advantage in that area. how stupid is that! their mind is blank, so is their knowledge. 

this is worse than watching some lame prime time soap operas.


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