end and beginning of year


 happy new year 2009! everyone :-))


the end of my 2008 year finished in kinda funny, if not ridiculous, fashion. my friends and i went out in the evening. things were as expected; lots of people, parking space was scarce, restaurants were packed. we ended up at au bon pain, where i ate 3 bagels. three, trois, tres. yes 3. imagine my joy when i was sorta admiring fireworks, crouching on stairs with stomachache. damn bagels. 


the start of my 2009 year was a little more dramatic. i opened my eyes, ready to embrace the new year. next thing my eyes wandered to was ants marching on my wall. it’s not just a few ants but a troop of it, forming a tiny line on my wall, heading to who-knows-where. i hate all kinds of insects, crawling or flying types and the festive new year didn’t make me soft on them. i got up, got insect spray, and showered them with the said chemicals. turned out that it was not only a marching line. there was an ant farm living in the wall. the insect spray fumed them out and hundred of them scattered all over. that grossed me out even further so i kept spraying harder and quickly left the room. half a day passed by when i returned to the room and the wall was now clear. i thought they migrated to somewhere else but i was wrong. their remains were on the floor and i had to clean it. what an ugly sight!  i began the new year with ant massacre. wonder what else in store for me in 2009! 


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