we need torres. bad.

liverpool needs torres like fish does water. like sunflowers need sunlight. like a regular car needs gas to run.

my confidence, cockiness even, plunges from 100 to 0 in 45 minutes. it dawns on me in the 2nd half that we’re not gonna win this game.

all signs point to it. shots either hit the pole or the goalkeeper, if not off target. do we have a striker in this game? i can only see a designated striker, aka riera, attempted many shots but to no avail. every time we are in front of the goal, i miss torres sorely. he would have scored for sure. he would have put the ball in the net and made us leap with joy. we want torres!

gerrard is reliable – as always – but  it is too much to put the weight of the team, or more like the whole world, on his shoulders. he’s a midfielder for crying out loud. so is reira. to force the scoring responsibility on their hands is an act of desperation. where is our striker, if any, in this game? i don’t want rafa to put keane there. i want someone else. how about ngog, rafa? let him play. 

i hate to be harsh to my most favorite team in the world but many times situations are infuriating. what can we do to strengthen our consistency? we have come, closer than any season, to feel the real possibility. it doesn’t feel like a blurry dream anymore. that real possibility looks farer away now.

our sacred ground  seems to lose its magic. it usually is the place where any visiting team has the least chance to bring any points home. it doesn’t happen that way for 3 games now. maybe we should find a medicine man to bless anfield, if that’s what it takes. tonight is the last night of the week where we are on top of the table. tomorrow chelsea will take our spot. i really want to be wrong here. it’s less likely to be anyway.

‘crestfallen’ describes perfectly how i feel.


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