head decor for cold weather

i have been searching for a hat in the past few months. to no avail, i might add. i did buy one – out of sheer necessity, which brings me to this conclusion: my head isn’t hat suitable. 

i like berets. they look good on a friend of mine. of course, she’s cute and petite. things usually look lovely on her. that is not generally the scenario for me. instead of looking paris-chic in a beret, i looked like a cartoon character, not a pretty one. beret down.

i also tried some of those wool caps, that provided extra room in the back. caps usually agree with just anyone. i guess they just hate me. 

my attempt to look good in a hat was put to rest when i found this earflap hat. i don’t know the correct terms for it but it has longer pieces on the sides that cover your ears, plus longer strings. i looked the least hideous in that one. not the kind i wanted – polished and stylish. this hat is more of a casual, easy-going kind. that has to do, unfortunately. my head isn’t as sleek or a size 2 as a model. sigh. 

have a nice cold day everyone.


what i want


what i get 

images from here 


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