cheat. lie. next would be steal

these students i work with are totally crooked. i can’t come up with any explanations why they simply do not recognize that what they do are totally wrong. they are college students. they are old enough to tell right from wrong, aren’t they?

one guy copied someone’s paper and handed it in. i heard about this kind of cheating so many times. now i get to see it for myself. his work has usually been sloppy and stupid. the latest paper is impeccable. i have never seen anybody improve one’s skills that fast. of course, he denied it. lying s.o.b.

the other girl covered for her friend, who skipped class so many times. she completed some assignments and handed them in, in her friend’s name. what a friend! quite a deceitful, manipulative,  criminally-inclined female dog!

i’m trying to come up with how to punish those bottom dwellers.

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