protesters be gone!

i have exercised my patience for quite some time and steered clear of any political issues in my blog. this time the protesters has gone too far. i decided to choose side.

and that side is the opposite of those protesters for sure. have we become the nation of no-law, no-regulation already? it’s w/in the citizen right to protest when not agreeing with the government, i accept that. when the protesters holds up the international airports, causing turmoil and chaos to both foreigners and locals alike, i can’t accept their principles anymore. they crossed the line from having integrity to power-crazed maniacs. the only thing being held hostage is the country!

these protesters are down-right terrorists. yes, they are terrorists. what they are doing is no difference than those terrorists that try to bring down the country. the protesters don’t consider or respect law anymore. the court order is issued that protesters vacate the premise immediately but they simply ignore it. they accuse the former prime minister of disregarding the law, corruption, and abusing of power. what are the difference between these 2 sides now. corruption also includes ripping off the country of its right. that’s what those hell-raising protesters are doing right now. the already worse-of economics crumbles even further. the tourism industry, the biggest source of income of the nation, hurts tremendously. have they even thought about all these consequences!! omg! this protest must stop. 

do they know anything about democracy? i disagree strongly if this is the way to boot the prime minister out of office. so wrong-wrong-wrong. it must be done in parliament, not the street. these moronic protesters do NOT represent the people. their approach to overthrow the government is extremely anti-democracy. they completely disregard the law. we are civil, democratic nation. the protesters are the opposite of it.

the mob leaders have their own agenda and it’s not for the people. we can see it clearly. we are not stupid. they are no better than the former prime minister. the protesters must be stopped.


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