seriously? nil-nil?

c’mon guys. this is fulham we’re talking about. remember just a few seasons ago, that team was saved from relegation out of our ‘mercy’. now they are treading in our backyard, waiting for us to take away 3 points and we simply can’t kick their arse? what’s going on at anfield?

not scoring is what happened here. even giving some windows of opportunity for fulham to promenade in our goal area. gosh! have more confidence poeple! 3 points are ours to take and we let them slip away right in front of our eyes. i want to blame it on not having gerrard and/or playing int’l game midweek but i can’t. it’s just…arghhhhh. i don’t know what to say or who to blame. maybe i just blame it on global warming :-((

are we and chelsea in cahoots? the top 2 teams unanimously fail to beat the seemingly non-threatening clubs. as a result, points are still equal, for now.

by the way, what wrong w/ the gunners? arsenal got beaten by man city?!? at least mark hugh can keep his job for the time being. does this, on the contrary, put wenger on the verge of losing his? really, anyone watched that match please enlighten me. what’s wrong w/ arsenal? has inconsistency become the club’s middle name? 

all in all, not a very good week for the big 3. really hope man united stumble too. really really do.

let’s hope torres et al doing better against marseille. signing off now. i need a drink.


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