liverpool this weekend

let’s talk about something that will surely cheer me up: liverpool & fernando torres. :-))

liverpool will face fulham this saturday. fulham is doing fine this season so far, being in the top half of the table. gotta say kudos to them. after brian mcbride gone, i had thought this team would have been hopeless. that’s so not the case here. they are doing much better than last-seasoned comparable ones like west ham, blackburn or man city. enough about them. now about us. liverpool has been winning some, losing some in the past weeks but we finally bounce back to winning bolton last week. this match should be fun to watch. i’m hoping to see torres score against them.

he is back and in his usual top form. assisting a goal last week and scoring for spain earlier leave no argument here. can’t wait to see him score for us  once again. and a lot more.

by the way, he looks so fine in that ad :-)))


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