the past week


image from here

i have been busy, extremely busy, mentally and workload-wise. too busy that i missed the liverpool vs. the other team match on sunday.

what is noteworthy is robbie keane finally lost the monkey on his back and scored 2 goals for the kop. good for him!

he was replaced in 70th minute, nonetheless, to make room for fernando torres. i really don’t blame rafa for anything. i don’t think he played favorism either. liverpool was winning, thus a good time for torres to go into field and ‘derust’ himself.

i’ve so exhausted, no thanks to my class. my students are from hell, some of them at least. they paid no intention to the lessons, talked all the time, and were plain rude. i almost threw some of them out. when it happened again, they are out for sure. 

for those who pay attention, they really do. those who don’t, still don’t. it makes this job so much more exhausting than working in corporate world.


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